Donald Trump
October 11, 2017

Trump will try to sell tax plan in Pennsylvania, but political base begins to fray

HARRISBURG, Pa. — After enthusiastically casting her vote for Donald Trump in November and helping deliver an upset win by swinging the state to Republicans, Kathy said she has turned against the unorthodox president.

“He’s kind of a loose cannon [and] pretty much of a jerk,” said Kathy, an insurance underwriter and registered Republican in her 60s who didn’t want to give her last name.

She didn’t know what to think about Mr. Trump’s visit to the state capital Wednesday to stump for the Republican tax reform plan. Kathy said she was only vaguely aware of the details.

She is part of Mr. Trump’s coalition in Pennsylvania that has begun to fray at the edges. His core supporters remain enthusiastic, but his base is shrinking and eroding his political capital in a state he narrowly won.

That is problematic for the president’s strategy to get tax reform through Congress.

Mr. Trump is coming to Harrisburg to rally his base to get behind the tax reform plan. He will make the pitch in an Air National Guard hangar in front of hundreds of truckers to drive home the point that it is designed to create jobs and put money into pockets of working Americans.