December 29, 2017

Russian warships in the waters of the United Kingdom

London, December 26 – A British warship has guarded a Russian warship in the waters of the United Kingdom on Christmas Eve, said the Royal Navy in Britain. Russian warships roamed the waters of the United Kingdom News BBC

In the national interest, British HMS St. Albans has been keeping an eye on Russian warships Admiral Gorshkov.

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However, there was no comment from Russia regarding this. According to the Royal Navy, the accumulation of Russian forces in the waters of the United Kingdom increased. Britain has warned recently that due to Internet cable the sea has become a new threat, Britain has warned recently.

Chief of the Defense Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stewart Pitch said about the security of the lines of contact between Britain and NATO should be given the highest priority.

He said, if these lines are cut or if there is any obstruction in it then it will hit the economy immediately and potentially disastrous. These cables have different countries and continents connected.

In a statement, the Royal Navy said HMS Saint Albans was called on 23rd December to monitor the new Russian warships Admiral Gorshkov in the waters of the United Kingdom.

Defense Minister Gavin Williamson said, “I will not hesitate to protect our water resources or to combat any kind of aggression.”

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