December 31, 2017

Ronaldo to make a movie

Cristiano Ronaldo did what he did after leaving the game. Whatever else you can do, never retire after being retired, never coaching yourself. It has already confirmed that Real Madrid’s Portuguese Super Star What to do? Now, the future plans are also announced. After playing football, the director of the movie director will write the name. Make movies

Not just a film director or producer, Ronaldo also sees himself as a veteran businessman of the future! Real 32-year-old star himself said that he will make a movie in future, or will name it in a positive way.

Many people did this question, what to do in the future. But Ronaldo never said anything to himself as the “best player in history”. But Alessandro did not say to Del Peiro. Italian legend Del Piero has been associated with Sky TV Italiana for a long time. The story of the star-studded set-up took hold of the namesake stars.

Ronaldo said in an interview on the occasion of Del Piero in Sky Italy. His long interview will be broadcast in chat mode in January. However, Spanish sports daily Marka brought out the magnet part of the interview.

Ronaldo said in a chat with del Piero: “I have the desire to make movies, I have my own. Besides, I have a hotel. There are gyms. Nike has a dress shop. I also see that I am a businessman. ‘

As well as playing football, he has already started the hotel business. There are several hotels in the country, Portugal and Spain. After leaving the game, she had the desire to do so firmly in the business. But dreaming of making a movie in a real role, the director or the producer, did not make it clear. But since he is already the owner of the huge money, he can do the production. And if he himself does the job by investing money himself, it will be Sona Sohagha.

But the film director or businessman, whoever he is, Ronaldo is confident he will be successful. His future will be beautiful, happiness, ‘I’m sure, after leaving football, my life will be very beautiful. No, I’m not talking about money. It would be great fun to do another job outside of football. ‘

The dream of the future has been drawn. But at the moment, he thought that he would not only play soccer and keep himself in the seat, but at the moment, my attention is the same, which I am doing. But it is an eternal fact that one day or one will have to retire.

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