Donald Trump
October 11, 2017

President Trump plays golf, shoots 73. Haters go crazy.

Kim Jong-il, the late supreme leader of North Korea, was one heckuva golfer. He only played once, in 1994, and he reportedly shot a 38-under-par round on the country’s only golf course, including 11 holes-in-one (although some reports say he only had five). That’s right: Par was 72; he shot a 34. His worst score all round long was a birdie.

The supreme leader then promptly retired from the sport (who wouldn’t?).

Now, you can take that tale to the bank. The news was reported by North Korea’s state-run media, and “fake news” hadn’t even been invented yet. Forget that most golf courses only have four par 3’s — holes on which you can actually make a hole-in-one. It’s in the paper, so it’s gotta’ be true.

From the reaction on Twitter, President Trump shooting 73 — at age 71 — is just as unbelievable. But Sen. Lindsey Graham, a longtime buddy of Sen. John McCain and, like the war hero, not exactly a big Trump fan, says that’s exactly what happened.

“Really enjoyed a round of golf with President @realDonaldTrump today,” the South Carolina Republican posted Monday on Twitter. “President Trump shot a 73 in windy and wet conditions!”

Mike Warren, the senior writer at The Weekly Standard, checked it out. “Graham spokesman tells me this is not a joke and that Trump really did shoot a 73,” he tweeted.