December 31, 2017

New year war risk!

Intense tension A breath-taking situation around. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is sitting on the trigger. On the other hand, US President Donald Trump If there is a pressure on the trigger, then at the moment the Korean peninsula will start in a region of destruction. It can be used in war, nuclear, chemical and lethal weapons.

This can kill millions of people in North Korea and South Korea. Perhaps, by his influence, people can die in large numbers in China and Japan. And the world economy! He is not saying anything. There is a possibility of a tremendous crash in the global economy. There are fierce prejudices on the climate. In the midst of such a breath, the year 2017 has passed the world, especially Asia. New year at the door. That risk decreased in 2018! Not even at the point. Risk remained. In addition, North Korea displays the world’s thumbs up in everything. The leaders of the country are expressing their arrogance against the United Nations, United States or any other country or organization. Recently the United Nations has given new sanctions against them. State media said that the block was a violation of North Korea’s sovereignty. At the same time they also mentioned it as a war. In September, North Korea conducted a major nuclear test. Kim Jong Un’s administration conducted the test under the ground. They claimed that it was a hydrogen bomb. They showed their nuclear missiles in 2017. Evidence of how much of their missile technology has improved.

It has been said that these missiles carry nuclear weapons and can hit anywhere in the world. not only that. The Kim administration’s leaders showed rascals They threatened the United States Directly, they will attack the United States’s Guam Island on missile. Later, it was said that the attack will be a little off from Guam. President Donald Trump administered a counter threat.

President Donald Trump said at the time that North Korea’s response to such a ‘will be given in the fire’. As a result of this, the battle of warfare in East-East Asia was shocking. The people residing in the region tremble with fear. Now they are in the heart of Hiroshima-Nagasaki’s grief. In this situation, John Brennan, former director of the United States Gowda Agency CIA, gave a prediction.

He said the risk of war on the North Korean issue would be between 20 and 25 percent. On the other hand, Richard Hass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations, said that the 50-50 fear of war may be on this issue. But others hopeful in this case
They think that the United States and its allies still did not move towards a war. Although they collect huge amounts of weapons and necessary equipment, there is less chance of war going on.
North Korea says their nuclear weapons program has been sorted out so that any aggression in the United States will be prevented. They can resist if the United States tries to change the North Korean regime. Political analysts like them are like these.

Joseph Kirion, the placers fund, said the world will have to learn to stay side by side with nuclear weapons-rich North Korea. During the cold war, with the former Soviet Union, the western world has lived along the way, much like it would have to do with North Korea. According to various reports, the trump administration is considering limited military operations in North Korea. It is not clear whether it is true or intimidating North Korea. But the Pentagon war veterans have repeatedly tested that a limited war against North Korea can not be a realistic move. In this situation, will the war in the new year? The World’s International Relations Analyst Isaac Stone Fish said, in 2018, I’m not going to war. Note here that Stone Finn is the Senior Fellow of Asia Society and the former Beijing representative of the famous Magazine Newsweek.


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