US News
October 11, 2017

Kane Gamble, British hacker, admits targeting heads of CIA, FBI

A British teenager pleaded guilty Friday to 10 charges related to a hacking spree that targeted high-ranking U.S. government officials including the previous director of the CIA and the FBI’s former deputy director, among others.

Kane Gamble, 18, pleaded guilty in Leicester Crown Court to eight charges of “performing a function with intent to secure unauthorized access” and two charges of “unauthorized modification of computer material,” local media reported.

Waged between June 2015 and February 2016, Gamble’s admitted cybercrime spree targeted victims including then-CIA Director John Brennan and the former deputy director of the FBI, Mark Giuliano, the Leicestershire Mercury and Birmingham Mail both reported following Friday’s court hearing.

Both victims were targeted during that same span by a hacking group known as Crackas With Attitude. Previous reporting has identified the group’s leader, “Cracka,” as a British teenager arrested in February 2016 at the age of 16.

Gamble was 16 at the time of his arrest, his attorney said Friday, but was not previously named in court filings on account of a court order shielding his identity until he turned 18 this week, The Mercury reported.

He’s scheduled to be sentenced at Leicester Crown Court on Dec. 15, the reports said.