December 29, 2017

Italian President broke the parliament

Rome, 29 December – Italian President Sergei Mantarla broke the country’s parliament. In March next year, he took the initiative to hold the national general election.

The BBC has said that the government will quickly declare the president’s decision as decree and general election date.

Meanwhile, the ruling middle-left Democratic Party is going to face difficult challenges for the country’s popular opposition party Five Star and Foresia Italy.

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Opposition parties favor to impose tough measures to reduce immigration in Italy. Recent immigration to the country, especially the sub-Saharan Africa migrants are becoming a major issue.

For the last few months, the future of parliament was in progress. The opposition alliance became increasingly popular than the ruling party. The latest survey shows that 28 percent of the people have support for the opposition five party party. On the other hand, support for the 23 percent of the ruling Democratic Party and the other opposition party, Forja Italia, is 16 percent.



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