September 26, 2017

Hurricane Maria: How you can help storm victims

Charities and relief groups were already in overdrive responding to a punishing hurricane season when monster storm Maria ripped through the Caribbean last week.

The hurricane caused staggering damage in Dominica before moving on to Puerto Rico, where it left the U.S. territory in shambles — devastation so extensive that officials say it could take months for the fragile power grid to be up and running and decades for the island to recover. The storm also caused damage elsewhere in the Caribbean, including the U.S Virgin Islands.

You can donate to some of these groups helping storm victims:

Americares, a global health organization, has emergency teams deployed to Puerto Rico and Dominica. The group is working with the Puerto Rico Department of Health to stock emergency shelters in San Juan with medical equipment and supplies.

World Vision pre-positioned supplies such as water and hygiene kits in warehouses near the communities in the path of the storm. The Christian humanitarian organization is working with local partners to distribute those supplies in Puerto Rico and beyond.