December 30, 2017

Hundreds of demonstrators in the streets of Iran

Hundreds of demonstrators in the streets of Iran

International media has said that hundreds of people have protested against rising prices, unemployment and economic inequality in several Middle Eastern countries on the streets of Iran.

Local demonstrations spread throughout the capital city of Tehran, Karman Shah and Mashhad on Friday. Police arrested some people from Tehran during this time.

Iran’s message agency Fars said that around 300 protesters were seen protesting in Karman Shah town on Friday. At one stage, they came under the hindrance of police by vandalizing various government establishments.

Al-Jazeera, according to social media, said the protests started on Thursday in Iran’s second largest Mashhad city. Some ‘anti-government’ groups said that there were ‘a few thousand’ protesters. The protests spread in Tehran the next day. In addition to the financial inconvenience, protesters named in the streets of a few other cities.

In the last few days, the price of some of the main food items has increased by 40 percent in Iran, according to the Associated Press (AP).

Iran’s senior vice president Isak Jahangiri acknowledged the increase in the price of prices. He said the price of some items has always increased. But the government is working to deal with the price rise.

The BBC said in the overall situation of the protest, despite protests in the wake of economic inconsistency, it turned into a very anti-government protest. Protesters are seen slogans against President Hassan Rouhani and religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Besides, many people spoke against Iran’s operations in different countries. They said that Iran is more interested in foreign issues than internal problems.

Meanwhile, Isakh Jahangiri expressed suspicion that there might be any other force behind the economic cause behind the protests. He said, what is happening in the streets of Iran, the people behind them believe that they can harm the government. But those behind the protests from the back, they do not have the ability to control it.

Iran’s Central Bank quoted the Tehran Times as saying Iran’s inflation rose 10 percent this year. In addition, the unemployment rate increased by 12.7 percent in 2016. World Bank said in the last three years.


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