September 28, 2017

Group of six attackers seriously beat victims in Brooklyn mugging for cell phones, cash

A group of young men robbed two teens in Brooklyn after delivering a brutal beatdown that was caught in a shocking surveillance video released by police late Wednesday.

The graphic footage shows five of the six attackers pummeling one of the victims outside a bus stop at Flushing Ave. and Beaver St. in East Williamsburg around 2:20 p.m. Sept. 14th, according to authorities.

Two of the muggers rain punches and elbows atop the victim’s head as a third repeatedly strikes him in the ribs and lower back.

Moments later, a fourth assailant jumps in, delivering a vicious kick to the victim’s torso.

He is then hoisted up and slammed to the ground inside the bus stop shelter.

As the group begins to disperse, two of the attackers return to continue the thrashing, kicking the victim as he lies upon the ground and clobbering him against the glass of the bus stop enclosure.