December 31, 2017

Fierce Iran, killing two protesters killed

At least two protesters died in police firing in Dorod city of Iran Anti-government protests took violent form on Saturday for several days, including increase in prices of prices, economic recession, unemployment and for three days.

Demonstrations are going on in different cities including Tehran, Hozek, Route, Khord, Kerman Shah, in the capital. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in different places without ignoring the administration’s ban. Police and government-backed groups dispersed protesters in front of Tehran University.

Police claimed that protesters tried to attack Tehran’s government buildings. On the instructions of the administration, a large number of arrests have been going on all over the country. Many people complain that Hassan Rouhani’s government is spending huge amount of money on heading regional politics. As a result, the cost of services within the country has to be curtailed.

In the tweet message, the US President Donald Trump has supported the demonstrators.


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