September 28, 2017

Donald Trump Jr. ditched his Secret Service detail to go on a moose hunt in the Yukon: report

Acting on a tip from a friend who spotted the first son in Whitehorse, Canada, New York Times reporter Luke Dittrich decided to see if he could track him down.

Dittrich, who owns an apartment in the Yukon, was already headed to the region on Sept. 14 when his friend called to say a man who looked remarkably likeTrump Jr. was at the airport.

Trump Jr. flew out of New York’s LaGuardia Airport, and stopped in Vancouver before he headed to the Yukon accompanied by two other men, according to Dittrich.

Secret Service was nowhere to be seen, and Dittrich managed to narrow down his whereabouts among the 19 big-game outfitters in the region. He even found out Trump Jr. was specifically on the hunt for a moose he wrote in the Times.

“Whatever your politics, whatever you think of Trump, the last thing you would want is for his son to fall into the wrong hands,” Dittrich wrote. “Meaning that if Trump Jr. had decided to give up his Secret Service protection, at the very least you would hope he wouldn’t be easy to find.”