December 30, 2017

China rejects allegations of illegal oil

China denies illegal trade in North Korea China has issued a statement in response to the allegations made by the United States President Trump, that China is selling oil products in violation of United Nations sanctions.

The Chinese government has blamed the trump on Friday.

China’s foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chuning told the media, “The ship in question has not been loaded in China’s port since August.” And they do not have any records of the entry or exit of oil in China’s port. No such incident happened.

On Thursday, China stopped the US efforts to bring 6 foreign ships to the black list on Thursday. Of the six ships, 5 are owned by China or Hong Kong.

A diplomat of the United States Security Council in the United States said that Washington believed that ships were involved in illegal trade with North Korea. Reuters Reuters, Xinhua

In a twitter statement on Thursday, Donald Trump said that China was caught in “handmade” while going to sell oil to North Korea. If that continues, there will be no friendly solution to North Korea issues. Pyongyang has been under strict surveillance in the country after the North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile tests were able to hit the United States.

Later, in a New York Times interview, China has a soft tone, Trump said. He said, important war to me than trade. If China cooperates with North Korea, then I will see the trade a little differently for a while.

But he is totally unhappy about the oil export, Trump said.

South Korea’s Kosun Ilbo newspaper quoted the country’s official sources as saying that the US intelligence satellite has seen more than 30 times of oil transfer from North Korea’s ship from China’s ship. The source said that the scene has been caught since October.

Last week, the United States gave a solution to the United Nations draft resolution, In order to reduce import to North Korea by 90 percent, it was said.