December 29, 2017

Beijing has sent instructions to China’s tourists to follow the rules of India

China is suffering from insecurity! The diplomatic relations with the government of jinging with India are absolutely at the behest of ‘Khade’. That’s why China gave a security guideline to Chinese tourists who arrived in India? According to a directive issued from the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi on Thursday, Chinese tourists should be walking in several places in India according to the rules. The guidelines have been warned that arrests, fines and even fines can be in jail.

It also says that in India the body of animals like elephants or goondas can not be mounted. The country will be released before the expiration of the visa. It is better not to try to enter foreign countries where banned is not allowed. That could be fine or jail.

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But the Chinese embassy did not openly talk about whether India has done any legal action against Chinese tourists. China warns that it is a guide to protect Chinese tourists, China warns that if China steps up against Chinese tourists, Beijing will not tolerate it.

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In fact, during the Dokalam dispute, the Chinese embassy in Delhi issued a directive. Diplomatic experts are seeing special significance in Chinese warnings again. Beijing is trying to corner India by utilizing the power of Kulbhushan, which Beijing can think of in India, China. Is there any warning that Chinese issues are not created in India? Beijing is not wanting to keep an eye on the enemy’s house, it seems that diplomat Mahal